Have You Considered “Love Drunk Photos” For Your Wedding Photos?

Do you want to capture special moments of your wedding day to be remembered uniquely? How about those candid and unscripted moments? Most importantly, Retaining the true essence of your love and joy through the lens? That’s where the “Love Drunk Photo” comes in.

The “Love Drunk Photo” is a candid and unscripted photo of the happy couple when everyone is oblivious to the camera. It’s a photo that truly captures the essence of their love and happiness on their wedding day.

This type of photo is becoming increasingly popular among brides and grooms. This artistic viewpoint captures a side of the wedding day not seen in traditional posed shots. These types of photos are the ones that genuinely reflect the real emotions and feelings of the couple, the ones that show the true love story and the connection between the two.

I understand the importance of capturing these candid and unscripted moments for your wedding gallery. As your professional photographer who captures these special moments without being intrusive or disruptive, I will be sure to make these photos unique and heartwarming moments.

Incorporating “Love Drunk Photos” in your wedding gallery is a must, as it adds depth and personality to your wedding photographs and films and will make you relive the emotions and feelings of your special day. It’s a treasure that the bride and groom will cherish for a lifetime.

In conclusion:

So, as you plan your wedding for 2023, will you include “Love Drunk Photos” as part of your wedding gallery? Is this a trend you like? What do you think about this style? Would you want this style for your engagement session? Let me know in the comment section below!

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