An Intimate Wedding Photography Day in San Diego CA

Intimate Wedding Photography

When Caitlyn contacted me to capture her wedding pictures, she had an unusual request. She told me that they got secretly married and they wanted to finally announce to the entire family and friends by taking photos in Sunset Cliffs and Ocean Beach, where they met and spend the most time as a couple.

Intimate Wedding Photography
Intimate Wedding Photography
Intimate Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer was a very serious and important choice for her, and after talking to a lot of different professionals, she came back and booked us to capture her special announcement/celebration day.

We started taking fun pictures at Sunset Cliffs, then we quickly moved to Ocean Beach, where she wanted to take pictures in front of the classic sign, and also incorporate the cafe in their wedding photos gallery as well.

For our last spot, we went to The Holding Company, a bar/restaurant located in Ocean Beach, where this lovely couple has created stories and unique memories to tell their children and grandchildren.

I had a blast capturing this intimate wedding celebration! Take a look into some of their happiness overflows:

How about you? Would you secretly get married and just tell your family & friends one year after? I’d love to know!!

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Hugs, Bruna! 🙂

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